How Google+ Can Boost Your Insurance Marketing Campaign

Posted by Conor Sharkey on Wed, Feb, 06, 2013

Insurance marketing light at the end of the tunnelWhen it comes to insurance marketing, is Google+ worth your time? Apparently it’s the second most popular social network on the internet but it’s not necessarily the most active. Don’t assume that it’s dead on its feet though.Google+ is Google’s baby and they’re going to make sure it’s a success. This means that it is going to become more and more important from a marketing perspective. Businesses that get on board Google+ now will have the jump on those that didn’t bother to set up pages. What is the best way to go about using Google+ though and how do you use its potential for your benefit?

Make Use of Communities

Google+ is full of communities that people join to discuss a particular interest. There are communities for sports teams, films and even insurance. These communities are a great opportunity for insurance marketing as they consist of a group of people that have expressed an interest in a particular topic. Getting involved in a community’s discussions can be very beneficial. A promoted tweet on Twitter may get sent out to people that don’t know who you are and have no interest in finding out. And it will disappear in a flood of other tweets very quickly anyway. Google+ communities are a captive audience and your posts won’t disappear after a few seconds.

Capitalize on Active Days

If you choose not to throw too much of your insurance marketing plan into Google+, make sure you capitalize on the site’s most active days. Monday and Wednesday are the days when Google+ comes to life. Focusing on publishing your content on times when traffic is relatively high will bring some reward from Google+ without you having to put in a disproportionate amount of effort.

SEO Credit

Google+ might not be as cool as Facebook or Twitter right now, but what it lacks in popularity it makes up for in exposure.  Simply having a Google+ page could be very important to any insurance marketing campaign. Google+ now adds SEO value to your insurance agent, so having a Google+ page means you’re more likely to feature in a prominent position in Google’s search results. Google+ is also integrated with all of Google’s other services. It is linked to Google search, Maps and Google Places, so having a Google+ page also increases your prominence on these other Google products.


The +1 button on Google+ is everywhere online because Google is everywhere. The fact that Google infiltrates every corner of the internet means that little +1 symbol will feature alongside everything you search for and read. It is like Facebook’s ‘like’, except it will appear along with virtually anything. If your website or blog can get +1s, then you can let that little button do a lot of work for you, as the more +1s you get, the more exposure you get from Google’s search results.

Let it All Hangout

Google+’s Hangouts have been used to great effect by companies already. You can use them to directly interact with Google+ users. President Obama answered questions from the public via a Google+ Hangout in January 2012. The opportunity to interact with people in real time opens up new possibilities, particularly for insurance marketing. Insurance agents an engage with customers who may have questions or a pressing issue they need to discuss with an insurance agent. Google+ Hangout as an insurance marketing tool has yet to be capitalized on. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It may be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for in your insurance marketing campaign.

Google+ may not be the supreme social network but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored by insurance marketers. There are over 300 million users waiting to be won over on Google+; it would be foolish not to try and take advantage of that. Don’t put all your eggs in the Google+ basket though. It may have potential, but there’s still work to be done if it wants to replicate the popularity of Facebook and the social relevance of Twitter.

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Post by: Conor Sharkey

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