3 Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Insurance Marketing Strategy

Posted by Eoin Keenan on Tue, Oct, 23, 2012

insurance marketing strategyInsurance marketing strategies can be fairly uniform. You talk about your experience, you warn prospects of potential risks and then you tell them how much you can save them while fixing everything. That’s what most agents do. Some will mention the providers they work with or will focus on a particular niche, but for the most part they all follow the same paradigm.

In such a flooded market, your insurance marketing strategy should make you stand out. Instead, many agents seem happy to follow the usual steps and assume they can just outpitch the other guy. An effective insurance marketing strategy can get you ahead of the game first, no matter how good your pitch is. There are three simple things you can do to stand out from the crowd.


Your value to a business owner goes way beyond insurance premiums. You can help with productivity and give them a safer workplace. You can also offer ongoing help in managing risk. When you take on a client it’s more than just a transaction, it’s the beginning of a partnership. So why would you introduce yourself by talking about how much you can knock off their premiums?

Business owners want to feel like they’re getting a good deal and you can save them money, so it makes sense to talk about it. But if that’s the first thing they learn about you, why would they want to know more? Why wouldn’t they just go to the guy who says he can knock 20% off, while you’re only offering 15%? You need to put your value added services at the forefront of your insurance marketing strategy. Your prospects need to know that they’re getting a business partner first and an insurance negotiator second. Because that’s where the real value is.


You talk to your clients about risk every single day. When you market yourself, you probably talk a lot about risk too. But you need to be careful about how you talk about risk in marketing. Positivity is vital in marketing. You want prospective clients to be positive about your agency and your service. You want them to like you. People rarely enjoy hearing about all the ways they might be in danger or the things that could hurt their business.

You can include content about risk in your insurance marketing strategy; you just need to make sure that you remain positive. Risk management offers more than just reduced risk; effective risk management can actually improve a business’ productivity. You should always try to focus your insurance marketing on the opportunities risk management offers, rather than all of the potential damage risks can do to a business.


You know about insurance, because it’s what you do for a living. That may sound like an obvious statement, but it’s something so many agents forget. Their insurance marketing strategy is full of references to their expertise, but no proof. That proof is easy to provide too. You can write blogs about insurance issues and create whitepapers or brochures that explain insurance policies. You have the ability to show your prospects just how much insurance expertise you have.

Instead of demonstrating their knowledge, a lot of agents will offer consultations. They create webpages, and even pay for ads that state their expertise and offer a consultation. But if a prospect researches these agents, they just find the same information. Why would a prospect believe in your expertise? Are they supposed to take your word for it?

By demonstrating your position as an insurance authority you get two benefits. You give prospects a reason to trust you and you give them a reason to come back, even if they’re not in the market for a new agent. Then when they are in the market, you’re first in line.

You already do all of this in your business. You already make positive improvements for your clients through yourx,m. expertise. You do that on an ongoing basis. You probably talk to some of your clients at least once a week. Business owners want that kind of help from insurance agents. If you’re already doing it, why aren’t you telling people about it?

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Post by: Eoin Keenan

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