Why Your Boyfriend Loves Social Media More Than You

Posted by Aleesha Tully on Fri, Feb, 11, 2011

Men are just not great for remembering…

It is a well-known fact that men have a habit of forgetting little occasions like Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Valentine's and on one or two occasions, even your birthday! They will try using a big red marker to circle the date on the calendar; they put reminders in their phones and might even resort to asking a friend to do the remembering but alas, that little date somehow always manages to slip their mind.

Valentine’s - made for social media.

valentine social mediaValentine’s in particular, is a date that tends to fair badly in male memory banks. However, the advent of social media has put those dark days firmly in the past.  Firstly, the link up to so many cyber buddies means that there will always be someone online to remind him of his impending boyfriend duties.  With information and the possibility of doomsday drama duly noted, he gets online and goes shopping. The virtual world offers lots of real-life romance; a bunch of flowers from Farmville should do the trick nicely, right?

If his mind goes blank and he cannot think of another gift, there’s always Twitter. He can simply Tweet what he needs and wait for the gift suggestions to spring back @ him. With the click of a mouse he can organise gifts and dinner dates, even gifts that can be delivered directly to her door. But what if he doesn’t know her address? No problem. He just checks her profile page on LinkedIn.

Social Media - to the rescue!facebook social media valentine

By the time he picks her up for dinner on Valentine’s Day he’ll be regarded as no less than the ‘best boyfriend in the world’. The efficiency of this system works so well that some girls have been known to fall head over heels. And when said guy realises that’s a little more emotion than he was aiming for? No problem! He just gets back online, changes his relationship status on Facebook and is free to check out some online dating sites.

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