Your marketing strategy to create referrals

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Wed, Apr, 01, 2015

First thing to note, people like to give referrals

Winning or marketing for referrals does not have to be difficult. Indeed, doing so can be quite natural. People are instinctively predisposed to alert others to positive experiences. This tendency may trace back to primitive times, when swapping tips about the best hunting grounds kept people alive. If you do something good for people – for example, treat your customers royally – they naturally will want to do something nice for you, and that’s when they’re most likely to give you a referral. Ironically, more than 63% of small-business owners believe that most of their business comes from referrals. Yet almost 80% of these same small-business owners do not have formal or marketing systems for developing referrals; they receive most of them by accident. This is completely backward. To win referrals, go after them as actively as possible.

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How to become a challenger, and take control of sales and marketing

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Thu, Mar, 26, 2015

How to know a challanger? Challengers have three key traits:

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Become a challenger, and take control of sales and marketing

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Tue, Mar, 24, 2015

What are challengers? They learn everything they can about their customers’ businesses and industries, and use these insights to guide customers to operate more effectively and become more profitable – in some part by buying what the rep is selling. Challengers are excellent debaters, and they push customers to think in new ways.

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Excuse me, is that your website?

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Tue, Feb, 10, 2015

As I look at more and more websites it makes thinks about what makes a good/great website.  And really it just comes down to “just common sense”. Great website must have usability, in that it must work for customers, serve your purposes and be easy to use. If clients find your site difficult to use, they’ll avoid it, and yet there’s no single right approach to designing a website.

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Marketing Analytics Dashboards, are they for you – part two

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Thu, Feb, 05, 2015

Designing Your Marketing Dashboard

The process of deciding which metrics to use on your marketing analytical dashboard includes the initial “discovery” stage – when you identify “potential metrics” – and the “confirmation” stage, when you test and update those metrics. In this discovery phase, you can pursue three options:

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Marketing & Data, do they go hand in hand

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Tue, Feb, 03, 2015

Marketing Analytics Dashboards, are they for you

To make the right marketing decisions in the face of rapidly moving events, you must know what has happened, why it happened, what the potential results of different responses might be and what actions you have to take. Answering those questions requires fast access to sound, pertinent data. A well-designed marketing analytics dashboard provides that and more.

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What is your marketing plan missing – Part Two

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Thu, Jan, 22, 2015

Treasure the Competition in you marketing plan

To be an effective competitor, analyze your competition, including new firms entering the market. Depending on what you sell, your competition can come from suppliers, resellers and manufacturers. But rivalries are not the only source of business uncertainty, which also can arise from larger trends – economic, demographic, technological, social or regulatory. Once you identify these competitive threats, factor them into a short list of your key planning assumptions, which you can use to build your marketing strategy.

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What is your marketing plan missing?

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Tue, Jan, 20, 2015

You marketing plan should be about people and your products

Marketing is about people. A good marketer will fi nd out what the company’s customers want, target the right audience, and discover or formulate the benefits that make a product or service unique. If your business, large or small, does not offer something exceptional, you are just selling something that customers can get elsewhere easily. If you want your business to succeed, you must offer something your competition doesn’t.

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A/B Testing for email and marketing success

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Thu, Jan, 15, 2015

Where do you start with A/B Testing?

A/B, or comparative, testing means showing different versions of your site to different people and “measuring which version most effectively turns them into customers.” Once you decide to “A/B test,” pick your starting point. Many people generate confusion by changing elements without setting goals or criteria. Instead, follow “a purposeful and deliberate five-step process”:

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How to use Social Media to sell

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Tue, Jan, 13, 2015

The Sales Potential from social media

Of necessity, today’s B2C or B2B sales or marketing professionals must be proficient at “social selling.” Social media’s current audience of 1.48 billion consumers continues to expand daily. If you can connect with only “one-tenth of one percent” of this audience, you will reach a million consumers at minimal expense, since you can use most social media for free.

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